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  • Operational Summary

General Basketball Parking Guidelines

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! Periodically, the University of Maryland basketball team will play at the Comcast Center, which will result in parking modifications. This year, eighteen home games are scheduled.

NEW PARKING REGULATIONS: Please note that for this year's Basketball season there are different parking regulations for Conference and Non-conference games (see above). Click here for the new Towing Notice sign.

IMPORTANT: While basketball games cause substantial changes to parking arrangements, bear in mind that other athletic events may also cause changes. Refer to the athletic calendar for game schedules.

Basketball Parking

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Purchase Parking Permit

Men's Basketball single game parking passes are available for
Regent's Drive Garage. Single game parking passes are $10 each.

Permit Purchase button

Take the QuickBus

If you are planning to travel to campus during Basketball games, please consider using the Quick Bus loops to avoid the traffic congestion on campus. In order to ride the bus to Comcast Center you must flag one down on the bus route.

Routes When Frequency
Pre-game starts 2 hours before game
to 30 minutes after tip-off
7 - 20 mins
Post-game Half-time until 1 hour after end of game As traffic conditions permit
Quick Bus Map

Game Schedules

Permit holders should refer to the following home game schedule:

Basketball Schedule
Date Opponent Location Time
11/3/13 vs. Catholic College Park, Md. 1:00pm
11/13/13 vs. Abilene Christian College Park, Md. 7:00pm
11/17/13 vs. Oregon State College Park, Md. 6:00pm
11/29/13 vs. Morgan State College Park, Md. 6:00pm
12/14/13 vs. Florida Atlantic College Park, Md. 2:00pm
12/21/13 vs. Boston University College Park, Md. 1:00pm
12/29/13 vs. Tulsa College Park, Md. 7:00pm
12/31/13 vs. N.C. Central College Park, Md. 2:30pm
1/4/14 vs. Georgia Tech * College Park, Md. 2:00pm
1/15/14 vs. Notre Dame * College Park, Md. 7:00pm
1/25/14 vs. Pittsburgh * College Park, Md. 6:00pm
1/29/14 vs. Miami * College Park, Md. 9:00pm
2/8/14 vs. Florida State* College Park, Md. 3:00pm
2/18/14 vs. Wake Forest * College Park, Md. 7:00pm
2/24/14 vs. Syracuse * College Park, Md. 7:00pm
3/4/14 vs. Virgina Tech* College Park, Md. 8:00pm
3/9/14 vs. Virginia* College Park, Md. 12:00pm
* Conference Games

Traffic Safety Message
From The Department of Public Safety


Check-Point Strikeforce logo

Terp fans don't let Terp fans drive drunk!

If you drink, find a safe ride home.

If you drink, ride with a designated sober driver.

Men's Basketball Operational Summary

  • DOTS staff and Landmark cashiers post four (4) hours prior to the tipoff of every Home Men’s Basketball Game.
  • Comcast Lots including PP*, 9b, 9c, 11c, 11b, 4j, 4b, P1, P2, K4, TTG, Paint Branch Pay Lot, RDG, and Lot 2 are closed four (4) hours prior to tipoff and require a game day permit. All vehicles are required to move to Lot 1 three (3) hours prior to tipoff from lots above posted with Towing Notice signs.
  • General Cash parking is at RDG and costs $10. Faculty/staff permits may park for free at RDG. Student permits are charged at RDG.
  • Disabled parking is at TTG, requires a valid disabled placard or tags, and also costs $10. TTG is NOT general pay parking.
  • Free parking is available in Lot 1 and includes free Quickbus Shuttle Service. Quickbus service from Lot 1 to Comcast starts 2 hrs prior to tipoff and continues to app. 1 hr after the game. Anyone may also park in Lot XX1 after 4pm weekdays and all day weekends.
  • CSC/Terp Host staff park in Lot 2a/2g. Lot 2a/2g – Access includes Lot 2 resident
    students, Lot 2 game day permits for CSC, any faculty/staff permit, disabled,
    and state vehicles.
  • Volunteers, concessions, or any “staff” without a campus or game-day permit
    may park in Lot 1 for Free or at RDG for $10. Anyone may also park in Lot XX1
    after 4pm weekdays and all day weekends.
  • Ticket/Tow - All Vehicles must move from the areas above to Lot 1 a minimum of
    three (3) hours prior to tipoff for Conference games only. There is no requirement to move for
    non-conference games. DOTS tickets ($75) and tows ($95) any cars remaining in these areas
    beyond the three hour limit. PP*, P1, P2, K4, RDG, and Lot 2 are exceptions to this ticket and tow
    rule (not advertised). Faculty/staff PP*, P, K, and B permits are not denied access to their area.
  • DOTS issued a set number (100) of allowance permits to graduate assistants to park in 11b, 11c, or 9c for the duration. These individuals do not move their vehicles three hours prior. The permit is white and looks like a courier permit with the student permit placed in front.
  • Student permits from the above list may begin moving their cars to Lot 1 six (6) hours prior to tipoff and will not get ticketed in Lot 1. Enforcement will generally not ticket these permits in Lot 1 beginning at 12pm (not advertised).
  • Lot K4: Tow area – all cars get towed to Lot K4. Faculty/staff permits working the game get re-directed to TTG
    from here. Police-sponsored vehicles with the blue dashboard placard may park in the first row of spaces closest
    to the entrance. Any overflow blue dashboard placards get directed to P1. TV Trucks park here.
  • PP* Disabled parking (not advertised) We bad meters and allow twenty (20) cars with disabled placards or tags per game to park at no charge. First-come-first-served. AC, EM, SA, and FAE permits also admitted here.
  • Lot FF2: FF permits park in FF2 beside the manufacturing bldg. Three (3) Lot R permits for Sports Medicine. Up to four (4) disabled for marked spaces.
  • Paint Branch Pay Lot: PB game-day permits and any Paint Branch campus permit (gate card).
  • Comcast Loading Dock is controlled by CSC staff with a list from ICA that includes refs, deliveries, coaches, and players. DOTS has nothing to do with this area.
  • Media – Media park in 9b. All media should ahve 9b game-day permits. If not, direct to Lot 1.
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