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Choosing a Bicycle

College Park is a great place to buy a bike. With three bike shops in the surrounding neighborhoods, it is easy to find a bike that is a good fit for your needs.

Qualified bicycle shops will be able to outfit anyone with the right size and style of bicycle, as well as the appropriate security devices and cargo gear.

Those looking for an inexpensive "fixer-upper" bicycle may find just what they are looking for at bikeUMD bike auctions which take place at Terrapin Trader, the campus resale shop. Our first sale was Fall 2012 and 24 bikes were available for sale. Prices typically range from $10 to $70. Please see our events page or like us on Facebook for updates and invites.

link to how to get a bike flyer

Used bikes are also sold at some local bike shops. Thrifty shoppers should also check out local yard sales and on-line classified ads. Avoid "department store" bikes. Always buy a new bike from a specialty bicycle retailer. You get what you pay for. "Big Box" brand bikes are usually of poor quality, heavy, inefficient, may be improperly assembled, and will not last long. When buying a used bike, look for reputable brands originally sold through bike shops.

Before bringing your bike to College Park, make sure it is in good condition. This means legal brakes, safe tires, lights and reflectors. If you are unsure of your bike's condition, have it checked out by a qualified mechanic at the Campus Bike Shop or one of the local dealers. The student mechanics at the Campus Bike Shop will also teach you how to maintain your bike yourself.

Buy a Bicycle

Bicycles that have been abandoned on the UMD campus are sold at the Terrapin Trader after one year and a day. Typically bikeUMD delivers bikes to the Terrapin Trader only once or twice per year. Bicycles are sold as-is and may need repair before riding. Repairs can be made for free, not including parts, at the Campus Bike Shop. To get announcements about bicycle sales, join the bikeUMD listserv or like bikeUMD on facebook.

Local Surrounding Bike Shops

College Park Bicycles
Proteus Bicycles
link to bike store link to bike store link to bike store
QR code for repair station

Rent a Bicycle

Need a bike for the semester?

bikeUMD and CRS offer semester-long rental bikes through the Rent&Ride program. These bikes are perfect for getting up and down hills around campus and for cruising the local trails. To rent one of our Trek or Fuji bikes, stop by the Campus BIke Shop - all bikes come with a U-lock and all rental bikes will get priority maintenance service throughout the semester.

$70 for the semester – includes U-lock!

How to Rent a Bike:

  • 1. Come to the Campus Bike Shop – located on the lower, north end of Cole Field House
  • 2. Get fitted for your bike
  • 3. Sign lease agreement and release form, receive 5-minute orientation of the bike
  • 4. Make payment – the Campus Bike Shop accepts Credit Cards only. (MC/V/Discover). Ride off with your bike!

Bikes are available for rent on a first-come, first-serve basis. We do not take reservations.

Bike renters are responsible for the bike during the entire semester and will be charged for lost, stolen, or damaged bikes beyond repair. Helmets are strongly recommended when riding. Bikes should always be locked with a U-lock through the bike frame and the bike rack. Bike Riders are to obey all traffic signs and regulations. Travel on roads, not sidewalks.

Maintain your Bicycle

Bike Repair Stations New for 2013!

Bike Repair Station
Repair Station Locations

bikeUMD announces bike repair stations! Bike repair stations are located in 5 convenient locations all over campus.These stations have all the tools you need for basic repairs, an air pump and how-to videos from the QR code.

Air pumps are also available at McKeldin Library and our DOTS office in Regents Drive garage. Check one out with your ID card.

QR code for repair station

Campus Bike Shop

bike icon image The Campus Bike Shop is a one-of-a-kind bike shop! bike icon image

Did you know that Campus Recreation Services operates the Campus Bike Shop, which provides free service to students, faculty, and staff? The Bike shop has bike mechanics on staff to help you keep your bike running smoothly. The Bike Shop does not sell parts, but will recommend what you need, and will gladly teach you how to repair and maintain your bike.

Location: Cole Student Activities Building, on the north end, lower level - near the tunnel entrance

Check out the Campus Bike Shop

The Commute Bike

"Great new page coming soon from bikeUMD"

Lost and Abandoned

Stolen Bikes

If you think your bike was stolen, call the Department of Public Safety immediately at (301) 405-3555. Bikes that are locked properly with a u-lock are much less attractive targets for bike thieves.

Abandoned Bike Database

If you think your bike was impounded for improper parking, appearing abandoned, or any other reason, check the impounded bikes database at: This database is updated frequently. If your bike is listed in the database, contact the Bicycle Coordinator at to make arrangements to claim it. If your bicycle is not on that list, contact the Campus Police to file a report for a stolen bicycle.

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Claim a Bike

Bring proof of ownership and your UID or other ID to our Regents Drive Garage Office. You will also need to pay a $25 impound fee.

Relinquish a Bike

Do you no longer need or want your bike? Don’t clog up the racks! Call us and we will take your bike.