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How & Why to Use a U-lock

You need to buy a quality U-lock. Nearly all stolen bikes on campus were left unlocked or locked with only a cable lock.

Keys to keeping your bike:

  • 1. Lock your frame and your front tire to the bike rack using a U-lock.
  • 2. Use a cable lock to connect your back tire to the frame and if possible to the rack itself.
  • 3. Register your bike.
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Bike registration aids authorities in locating the owner of a stolen bike. If your bike is lost or stolen, call the Department of Public Safety immediately at (301) 405-3555 or visit the site here.

Bike Gear

Available for PURCHASE:

bikeUMD offers quality bike safety gear at 25 – 50% off retail prices.

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Items can be purchased using, cash or credit card.
Bike gear purchased at the DOTS office can be returned on the same day of purchase and must be in the original packaging.

Available for USE:

A bicycle pump is available for use during business hours.
A pump is also available at McKeldin Library. All you need is your UID.

Our hours and location are listed below.

Night Safety

Lost and Abandoned

Stolen Bikes

If you think your bike was stolen, call the Department of Public Safety immediately at (301) 405-3555. Bikes that are locked properly with a u-lock are much less attractive targets for bike thieves.

Abandoned Bike Database

If you think your bike was impounded for improper parking, appearing abandoned, or any other reason, check the impounded bikes database at: This database is updated frequently. If your bike is listed in the database, contact the Bicycle Coordinator at to make arrangements to claim it. If your bicycle is not on that list, contact the Campus Police to file a report for a stolen bicycle.

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Claim a Bike

Bring proof of ownership and your UID or other ID to our Regents Drive Garage Office. You will also need to pay a $10 impound fee.

Relinquish a Bike

Do you no longer need or want your bike? Don’t clog up the racks! Call us and we will take your bike.