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General Football Parking Info

2015 football season information will be available soon.

*Prepay permits will be available to purchase in July.

NOTE: Grills are not permitted in parking garages.

Don’t forget to visit UMD Athletics to view the 2015 football game schedule.

Click on the map below to find the Quickbus route from your lot to the stadium.

Football parking and Quickbus map
Disabled parking is available in Stadium Drive Garage North for $17 or in the YC lot at no cost.
disabled parking link
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Ticket Holders & Visiting Team

Click here for Game Day parking map

Single-Game Ticket Holders

  1. Game attendees must purchase parking online before arriving to campus.
    Designated Parking Locations Map

Visiting Team

  1. We welcome new and returning visitors to campus. Game attendees must purchase parking online before arriving to campus. Anyone traveling to campus by RV or bus should refer to the RV/Bus Parking tab to the left.
    Designated Parking Locations Map

Season Ticket Holders

  1. Season ticket holders receive game day parking permits by mail. However, payment is required when you enter your lot. Refer to the instructions provided on the back of the parking permit for directions to your parking area. (PAY ON SITE)
    Designated Parking Locations Map

Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund

  1. Terrapin Club members receive game day parking permits by mail. Refer to the instructions provided on the back of the parking permit for directions to your parking area and visit the Terrapin Club website for additional information.
    Designated Parking Locations Map

RV/Bus Parking

*Prepay permits will be available to purchase in July.


  1. RV parking is available in Lot 7, located across Route 1 at the intersection of Paint Branch Parkway and Campus Drive. The lot is shaded LIGHT BLUE on the game day parking map below.
    Designated Parking Locations Map

Hours & Availability

  1. RV parking is available beginning on the Friday before game day. Entry to Lot 7 is permitted from 6 p.m. until midnight on Friday and the lot will reopen for entry no later than 9 a.m. on game day. Guests must depart by noon on the Sunday following the football game.

Rates and Purchase

  1. Parking must be purchased online before arriving to campus. RV parking is $150 for guests arriving on Friday and $75 for guests arriving on Saturday. Click here to purchase a RV/Bus game day parking permit

Alternate Parking

  1. Some guests may find it necessary or simply more convenient to park off campus. Cherry Hill Park is located just ten minutes from campus. Cherry Hill Park is unaffiliated with the University of Maryland. Reservations for Cherry Hill Park must be made online here.
Cherry Hill Park is for you if you …
  • … plan to arrive to College Park earlier than 6 p.m. on the Friday before game day or wish to depart later than noon on the Sunday after the game.
  • … will arrive with a dinghy in tow.
  • … require water, sewer and/or electric hookups.
  • … arrive to College Park between midnight and 9:00 a.m. on game day.

UMD Students & Employees

We understand that convenient weekend access to campus is important to students and employees for academics, professional obligations, and extracurricular activities.  However, many campus parking lots are affected by home football games. We thank you for your flexibility before and on home football game days.

Many campus lots will be restricted to allow access to game day permit holders only beginning six hours before kickoff.

UMD Students

  1. UMD students attending class on game days may park in Regents Drive Garage. If Regents Drive Garage is full, students will be directed to Mowatt Lane Garage. Students will be required to show UMD ID to park in these lots. Please keep this in mind to avoid parking or traffic emergencies on game day.

UMD Employees

  1. Most UMD employees will have access to their assigned lot on game days. Any exceptions will be communicated to parking registrants through individual department transportation services coordinators.
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Other Parking Options

Free parking is available at the College Park Metro station. This location has a dedicated Quickbus route and is just 5 minutes from campus.

Game attendees are strongly urged to purchase a game day permit in a dedicated football parking area before traveling to campus. However, most campus parking lots and metered areas not specifically reserved for home football games (view parking map for reserved football lots) are free and do not require a permit to park.

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All Quickbus routes are free and open to the public. Passengers may transport food and drinks (alcohol must be in sealed, unopened containers) on the Quickbus. Be advised that riders must comply with the Shuttle-UM Regulations.

Link to Quickbus route map

Contact Us, Tailgate, & Safety

We are excited to host attendees for the 2014 Terps football season. If you have reviewed this section of the DOTS website and need additional assistance, search the DOTS Knowledge Base by clicking the “Questions?” tab to the right of this page or email Anyone planning to park on campus must pre-purchase a parking permit.

Please note that campus codes prohibit grilling in parking garages. Clck here for UMCP Tailgating Tips. For additional safety information, vist the UMPD website.

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