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Save time, money, and the environment and leave your car at home.

In this area it can take you twenty minutes to drive ½ mile. Take Regional Transportation or Shuttle-UM and leave the driving to us. If you don't live near a stop, Share the Ride carpooling. You can still forgo having your own car altogether with Zipcar on campus. Reserve a car for a few hours or all day/night. Let Zipcar worry about maintenance and gas. If you are less than 3 miles away, bike to work or class, and if you are less than a mile, walk.

Let's face it, a green commute is a smart commute. Aside from the health and well-being benefits you incur, DOTS offers financial incentives too. We strive to be sustainable in all of our business practices such as purchasing high efficiency garage lighting and hybrid buses. Give alternative transportation a try, more than 5 out of 10 of our commuters already do.

Click here to view the green commuting initiatives we have accomplished.

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