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Bicycle and Scooter Locker Rental

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DOTS offers covered bicycle and scooter parking in a secure group locker for rent on a semesterly or semesterly basis. This secure space is located in Mowatt Lane Parking Garage.

Rental Process:

Visit the DOTS office during business hours to rent a space in the locker.

Rental Rate:

  Fall Only
Exp: 12/21/16
Winter Only Exp:
Spring/ Summer
Exp: 8/25/17
Summer Only Exp:
Exp: 8/25/17
Bikes $25 $10 $25 $10 $45
Scooters $40 $20 $40 $20 $75

Code Changes:

Codes will be changed at the discretion of DOTS and will be e-mailed via the e-mail address supplied on the registration form. It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure that DOTS has a current e-mail address that is checked frequently.

Enforcement of Lockers:

Each person will be given the current combination code upon registration and will be held responsible for maintaining the integrity of the locker and the code. If breaches of the code are observed, a new code may be issued without warning by DOTS. New codes will be distributed via e-mail.

Customer Service Support:

Customer Service Support: Telephone support related to accessing the locker is available during DOTS business hours when the University is open. Call 301-314-PARK (7275) for assistance.

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Winter Break Bike/Scooter Locker

Winter Shelter AdStore Your Bike/Scooter from December 1st through January 21st for $10.

Renter must agree to the following:

  • I understand that renting space in this group locker entitles me to park one bicycle/motorized cycle only for the period indicated in this agreement.
  • I expressly understand that this group locker is designed solely for the purpose of covered bicycle/motorized cycle parking and DOES NOT make any guarantees on security of property.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to park and secure my bicycle/motorized cycle with a competent lock.
  • I understand that DOTS and the University are not responsible for any injury, fire, theft, loss or damage to the bicycle/motorized cycle left in the locker.
  • I understand that I am waiving any claim to privacy and expressly consent to allow DOTS to open and inspect the locker and the contents thereof at any time without prior notice under the following circumstances: to provide repairs or maintenance to locker; in an emergency; to determine a health or safety hazard; or to determine whether any term of the registration agreement is being violated.