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2011-2012 Self Study

The Office of Student Affairs at the University of Maryland has asked each Director to launch a self-study and strategic plan to guide each department going forward. The Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) has stepped forward to complete a strategic plan and self-study over the next fiscal year. A cross-functional steering committee has been established and the first retreat has been held. Our key stakeholders for the self-study will be Students, Faculty/Staff, DOTS Employees, Visitors, and Local Municipalities. Local Municipalities has been selected to reflect the growing impact that our services have on the local communities as well as President Loh's desire to "blur the lines" between campus and community.

The Strategic Plan is a living document that serves as a backbone, a flexible core that supports our department's decision making, helps us manage coming changes, and provide a structure that will helps us to align with the University's mission, vision and goals as stated in the University Strategic Plan.

For more information about the DOTS self-study and strategic plan process, please contact:

Shayna Smith, Assistant Director
Department of Transportation Services
Regents Drive Garage, Bldg. 202
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
Phone: 301.314.0183