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UMD Smart Commute Telework Challenge: July 9 - August 17

As part of our ongoing effort to reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicle trips coming to and from campus each day, we will be promoting the university’s telework guidelines this summer through a telework challenge!

From Monday, July 9 to Friday, August 17, employees who log their telework “trips” in the Smart Commute platform can earn points and redeem them for weekly and grand prize raffles. Employees who log at least four telework days during the challenge will automatically earn a Smart Commute t-shirt and be entered into the grand prize raffle for a Microsoft Surface Pro!

We realize that teleworking is not possible for everyone, as many employees are required to be on campus on a daily basis. Please review the university’s telework guidelines and factors to consider and speak with your supervisor and/or staff before participating in this challenge. If teleworking is not feasible for you, we invite you to explore the many other transportation choices that can reduce your carbon footprint. By signing up for the Smart Commute platform at, you can connect with a university carpool partner and discover transit, biking and walking options in the area.


  1. Read UMD's Telework Guidelines and Factors to Consider. Permission from your supervisor is required, so if you don’t already telework, talk to your supervisor about your eligibility.
  2. Create a Smart Commute account
  3. Join the Faculty/Staff network parent network on the Smart Commute Platform.
  4. Log your commutes and telework days (1 day=2 trips) into the platform.
  5. Each Friday, go to the “Incentives” Tab to redeem your raffle entry for that week. You will be asked for your supervisor’s email address to verify your telework loggings that week. You must claim your raffle reward by EOD Friday. Supervisors have until Monday 10 am to verify your trip log for a raffle entry.
  6. Each Monday afternoon, we will draw a teleworker at random as our weekly prize winner! Employees that have teleworked for four days by August 17, will win a Smart Commute t-shirt and be entered into a grand prize drawing of a Microsoft Surface Pro.


Each Monday one employee will win one of the following items:

At the end of the challenge period, participants that have teleworked at least four times will receive a Smart Commute t-shirt and one employee will be drawn at random as the grand prize winner of a Microsoft Surface Pro!


There are many benefits to teleworking for those who are able. Employees who work remotely one day a week can reduce their commute trips by 20%, resulting in a significant decrease in parking demand and carbon emissions. As you know, we are committed be becoming a carbon neutral campus by 2050. Teleworking can also improve employee morale and productivity. According to the International Telework Association and Council, on average, teleworking yields:

  • 22% increase in employee productivity
  • 20% decrease in employee turnover
  • 60% decrease in employee absenteeism
Weekly Prize Drawing

Grand Prize Raffle

Remember to Log your Trips & Claim the Incentive