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DOTS Employees

Team Members
Jeffrey Fiory (Group Leader), Andrew Baker, David Wallace, Natalie Harris


The purpose of the DOTS Employees work group was to identify the areas of interest relevant to all DOTS employees with the purpose to enhance the future of employment within DOTS, and present its findings and possible resolutions to the Senior Staff and external reviewers for consideration as part of the DOTS Strategic Plan.

The employees within the Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) play a vital role in shaping the cultural trend within this organization. When this work group was assigned to complete this task, they wanted to learn the facts directly from all the DOTS employees. They devised a plan to collect relevant data from the employees, sorted and analyzed all of the collected data, identified and validated key findings, and developed recommendations.

Data Collection Process

1. Questionnaire
The work group developed a short questionnaire to all DOTS employees:
"How do you feel about working for DOTS, what would you like to see changed, and what does not need changing?"

2. Online Survey
Several key topics to research further were identified from the questionnaire results, and a survey was created.

3. Focus Group
From the survey, the work group identified key areas and decided to hold three focus group sessions to explore each of those areas further. The data was coded by specific topics, utilizing a MS SQL data base and private website to allow for accurate quantitative analyzing of the data. The group also conducted a statistical analysis on the results of the focus group sessions.