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Local Municipalities

Team Members
Armand Scala (Group Leader), Joel Solorzano, Phil Hyon, Molly Monahan


As Part of the University of Maryland's Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) Strategic Plan Process it was recognized that the community surrounding the College Park campus plays a role in the operation of our department as well as the entire university. Therefore, the communities surrounding the University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) were identified as stakeholders in our department and the “Local Municipalities” subcommittee was created to ensure that input from these campus neighbors was included in our strategic plan process. For the purposes of this project, the campus' neighbors were defined as the nine incorporated municipalities and two unincorporated districts of Prince George's County which are all within a 2.5 mile radius from the UMCP campus.

Data Collection Process

1. Survey

Surveys were distributed to the elected governmental leaders of all eleven jurisdictions. The City of College Park, the host jurisdiction for the University of Maryland, provided a significant amount of detailed feedback. The general consensus amongst survey respondents was that there is an environment for DOTS to expand its Shuttle-UM fixed-route transit service, and continue to pursue initiatives to encourage the use of mass transit.