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Team Members
Earl Carpenter (Group Leader), Jolie Doggett, Andrew Muir, Beverly Malone


The DOTS Strategic Plan as it relates to the student body is to meet the needs of the students in the best possible way, with the best services that can be provided.

The objective of the Student workgroup was to ascertain the level of awareness and satisfaction the UMD student body had with the services of the Department of Transportation Services. The work group determined that baseline data for student awareness and satisfaction needed to be developed to reach the stated objective.

Data Collection Process

1. Survey
Through group discussions they formulated the questions for the survey which encompassed the following service-oriented categories: 1) transit, 2) parking and, 3)  sustainability. The survey was delivered in different ways, one was at the Transportation Fair using iPods, and the other was via e-mail. The majority of the data was gathered during the two week period the survey was conducted online.

2. Focus Group
After the survey data was reviewed, the group discussed how that data would be used to create the questions for the focus group. The students were notified via email of the focus group session and steps they needed to take if they wanted to participate. The data collected was analyzed and coded under the following topics:

Awareness Satisfaction Alternative Transportation
Demographics Frequency/ Level of Interaction with DOTS Parking Ciotations
Resources Appeal Awareness/Satisfaction Shuttle Usage
Suggestions Appeal Improvements Customer Service
Signs Parking Grievances Nite Ride

All key findings gathered were validated and recommendations were drawn from the trends presented in the data.