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Team Members
Jose Fortune (Group Leader), Dan Powell, Roxana Ferrufino, Jason Murray


In order to fully understand the needs of visitors, the group decided to reach out to various UMCP departments that sponsor events and programs for most of the visitors on campus. This was done with the notion that these departments are typically the first points of contact for their visitors in terms of parking and other transportation needs. The data topics included: awareness, satisfaction, parking inquiries, alternative transportation methods, resources, logistics/internal processes, demographics, and frequency. The focus of this component of the process was to obtain as much data as possible to help develop data topics for further analysis with the survey that would be issued to the visitors directly. The group offered recommendations for consideration derived from the findings and conclusions.

Data Collection Process

1. Questionnaire
The group developed a questionnaire and identified departments that interact with campus visitors the most: Alumni Association, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, Orientation Office, Conference and Visitor Services, Terrapin Clubs/Intercollegiate Athletics, Adele H. Stamp Student Union, and Robert H. Smith School of Business. The Visitors work group sorted, coded based on parameters previously developed, summarized the responses received, and developed survey questions based on data topics discovered. A preliminary conclusion was written to assist with the development of the online survey.

2. Online Survey
The online survey was conducted using Student Voice, and the survey questions were developed to gauge the satisfaction and awareness of the visitor stakeholder group. A survey link was transferred into a QR code that was placed on postcards and distributed to university visitors through the departments referenced above. Posters with the QR code were placed at the entrances of Union Lane Garage, Stadium Drive Garage, and Paint Branch Pay Lot, and in the lobbies of the Visitor Center and Adele H. Stamp Student Union. E-mails were also sent with the survey link through the Alumni Association to their visitor contacts. The online survey was conducted between April and May 2012, and the purpose of focusing on this time was to capitalize on the major campus events that were taking place, specifically Maryland Day, performances at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, conferences being held at Stamp Student Union, and the extensive campus tours for future students.