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To register for parking or to add/remove vehicles from your registration, log into your Parking Management System.

To cancel your registration and remove all cars from your permit please email our Customer Service Coordinator, Roxana Ferrufino, at


Registration for Summer 16 is now open.

Parking Registration

Summer 2016 registration is now open to everyone. Click on button below to register for Summer 16.

Any vehicle with a current DOTS permit/CLPR may park in Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, and 16. Faculty/Staff Lots and meters are enforced as usual.

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Students with a class standing of Junior and above are eligible to register for parking. Freshmen and Sophomores are eligible on a space available basis. Students registered to park in some lots must move their cars for athletic events and other special events.

All current student parking registrants may use Lot 4 as overflow parking when their own lot is full. Please refer to the regulations for more information.


academic term Resident Students Commuter Students Satellite Resident Expiration date
Annual $481 $249 $581 8/26/2016
Fall Only $289 $149 $349 12/11/2015
Spring Only $241 $125 $281 8/26/2016
Summer Only $241 $125 $241 8/26/2016

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Surcharge

*Courtyards, University Club @ College Park, Mazza Grandmarc, The Enclave, University View, and the Varsity are considered satellite properties. Students living in these locations must register as a satellite resident and park in Lot 7 if you plan to park overnight.  Satellite complex residents commuting to campus for class but not parking overnight may register for a satellite commuter registration.

Commuter Student Lot Assignments

University of Maryland commuting students are assigned to a commuter parking lot based on their class standing and lot availability. Please note, overnight parking is prohibited in all commuter lots.  Commuters wishing to park overnight must register for Lot 7.

Credit Range Year Standing Lot Assignment
Credit level 0-29 Freshman Assigned to Lot 6
and then Lot 4
Credit level 30-59 Sophomore Choice of Lot 4,6 & 9
Credit level 60-89 Junior Choice of Lot 1, 4, 6,
9, 11 & SDG
Credit level 90+ Senior & Graduates** Choice of Lot 1, 4, 6,
9, 11 & SDG
Commuter Students Wanting Overnight Parking All Lot 7 Only
*Athletic Restrictions: Lot 1, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11 and SDG registrants will be required to relocate or park their vehicles in an alternate parking area for basketball, football and some other special events. Please check the Athletics page for information specific to your lot.

Lot 7

Students who reside off campus including students living in satellite housing complexes who wish to park overnight must register for a Lot 7 student parking registration.

Where is Lot 7
Lot 7 is located on the southeast side of the intersection at Route 1 and Paint Branch Parkway and will be enforced 24/7. Click here to view the location of Lot 7 and Lot 7a on a map.

DOTS has added a second Lot 7 parking location to accommodate the growing number of students choosing to live off campus who wish to store their vehicles on campus. Lot 7a is located on the roof of Terrapin Trail Garage. Lot 7 registrants may choose to park in either Lot 7 or Lot 7a.

link to lot 7 camera

View live footage of the parking area in Lot 7 located east of Baltimore Avenue.

Relocating for Athletic Events
Football: Lot 7 registrants will be required to relocate their vehicles to Mowatt Lane Garage by 5 p.m. on the Friday before all home football games. Those students who choose to park in Lot 7a will not be required to move their vehicles for football games. Students may begin moving their cars at noon on the Friday before all home football games. The football schedule can be found here.

Basketball: Lot 7 registrants will not be required to relocate their vehicles for home basketball games. You will receive additional information about these regulations in the fall, but you are responsible for reading and complying with posted lot signage in all affected lots. The Men’s Basketball schedule will be available online here.

Shuttle-UM Service
Shuttle-UM will continue to service the satellite housing areas during the daytime. In the evening, Shuttle-UM routes 104 College Park Metro and 117 Blue will provide service from Lot 7 to campus and some of the satellite housing areas. Please visit the Shuttle-UM Schedules section of the DOTS website for route maps and timetables.

The University understands that safety is a priority. Any questions or suggestions related to safety should be directed to the UMD Department of Public Safety.

Motorcycles & Scooters

Motorcycle and Scooters must be registered with DOTS to be parked on campus. DOTS certified Motorcycle helmet and eye protection will be required. For more information about parking rules and regulations, please visit the Motorcycle and Scooter page.
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Bundle Pack Permits

Bundle pack permits are the perfect solution for commuter students who might have only the occasional need to drive a vehicle to campus. Each bundle pack contains 10 one-day parking permits and costs $60. To be eligible for these permits, you must not have a Department of Transportation Services' parking permit. You may purchase a bundle pack at the DOTS Regents bundle imgDrive Garage office.

Students using these permits may park in lot 4 & 6 only. See campus map for area locations.

Temporary Medical Permits

If you have a medical condition that requires a different parking arrangement than that to which you have been assigned, you may contact the Health Center. The health center will evaluate your case and recommend a medical accommodation if necessary. This typically results in permission to park in any student lot.