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Congratulations to our winner John Spann and his video "DOTS Competition".

Why I Ride 2013 Entries: click HERE to check them out!

Why I Ride is back!Your chance to win FREE in-state tuition for an entire semester!

Same concept as last year except this year we’ve added a twist!

For Why I Ride 2013, create a 2-3 minute video about why you ride Shuttle-UM, a bicycle or carpool to campus. Pick any three of these sustainable transportation options for your video.

The grand prize once again will be a semester of FREE in-state tuition for best video! That’s right FREE IN-STATE TUTION! This prize is being funded as part of a negotiated backup parking location for the Professional Golfers Association Championship held in Bethesda, Maryland last fiscal year.

It’s time to get inspired! Get out your camera and create a 2-3 minute video about Why You Ride. The video should not be any longer than 3 minutes.

The video can be whatever you want it to be so long as it promotes usage of Shuttle-UM, biking or carpooling and has a positive message. We encourage you to be creative, have fun and think big!

Need some ideas? Here’s a few: the video could be about why you ride, your favorite things about riding, a song inspired by why you ride…we could tell you more ideas but what fun would that be?

Videos will be judged for their content, originality and creativity. We do not expect these videos to be like The Hobbit in super speed 3D—while that would be nice… we just want it to be clear to everyone who enters that all videos will be judged fairly regardless of quality, time spent or number of celebrity cameos.

To enter post your video to YouTube and send us the link to

Videos are due Friday, May 3rd.

Good luck!