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Campus Biking Regulations

Registering Your Bike

All bikes on UMD campus MUST be registered through Bike Index. Registration is FREE.

Why Register?

  • Provides a record of ownership that aids authorities in locating the owner of a stolen bike.
  • DOTS offers free lock-cutting service for registered bikes on campus.
  • Provides data that helps with planning and implementing bicycle infrastructure improvements on campus.

Bicycle registration is available to UMD students, faculty, staff and anyone with UMD identification.

How to register your bike:

Where to Ride

Maryland State law states that bikes are traffic and have the same legal rights and responsibilities as cars. That means you must bike in the street. There are shared-lane markings on many streets across campus. Bicyclists are allowed to use the whole lane and cars are required to give at least 3’ of room when passing. You must also signal your turns by pointing in the direction you intend to travel.

Bicycle riding is not permitted on sidewalks

Riding on sidewalks is dangerous for you and the pedestrians. If the only way to access your destination is by way of a sidewalk, you must dismount your bicycle and walk.

There are many multi-use trails on and near campus:

Where (and how) to park

Bikes may only be parked on bike racks- locking to trees, benches, railings, or other objects is prohibited. You may view all of the bike racks on campus by opening the Interactive Campus Map, clicking on the “Layers” tab, and selecting “UMD Bike Racks” under the Campus Transportation sub-heading. If you feel there is not enough bike racks, please request more here!

When locking your bike, use a U-lock. U-locks are the most secure type of bicycle lock for the price. The solid steel of a U-lock is more difficult to cut through than the braided steel of cable locks or the thinner steel of chain locks. The thicker the lock you purchase, the more difficult it will be to cut through. Entry-level U-locks are available for purchase from the DOTS office at Regents Garage and from the RecWell Bike Shop. When locking your bike, always make sure get the lock through the frame of your bicycle. If you are not careful, it is easy to lock just through the front fork or a single wheel. Doing this will allow a thief to get away with most of your bike leaving just the front fork or wheel locked to the rack; don’t let this happen to you!  If you have questions about where or how to best lock your bike, send an E-mail to and someone from the BikeUMD team will gladly assist you!

Lost and Abandoned Bikes

Bikes may be impounded immediately for improper parking including: being locked to trees, railings, gates, signs,impeding disabled access, or being a fire hazard. Abandoned bikes left on racks surrounding residence halls are removed every summer. Bike racks near classroom buildings are checked for abandoned bikes on an ongoing basis. Bikes that appear abandoned (excessive rust, flat tires, missing components) will receive a warning tag. This tag indicates that the bike must be moved before a set date, usually two weeks from the placement of the tag. If the bike is not moved it may be impounded.

Stolen Bikes

If you think your bike was stolen, call the Department of Public Safety immediately at (301) 405-3555. Bikes that are locked properly with a u-lock are much less attractive targets for bike thieves.

Claim a Bike

If you think your bike was impounded for improper parking, appearing abandoned, or any other reason, follow the directions on the bicycle reclaim procedures document and check the impounded bikes database. All reclaimed bikes will be assessed a $35 bike impound fee.

Donate a Bike

Students, staff and faculty who no longer want their bicycles are encouraged to remove them from campus property. DOTS works with a number of local non-profit organizations and will accept donations to pass on to these charities. Simply drop off the bike at the DOTS office in Regents Drive Garage between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday, or email

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