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About Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Charging stations were installed at the University of Maryland College Park campus in February 2011. DOTS was motivated by two presidential goals, (1) to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions(GHG) and (2) to blur the line between campus and the community. On Thursday, March 31st, 2011 at Union Lane Garage, President Loh and David Allen were present to cut the ribbon on our campus' first open to the public electric car charging stations.

The stations, manufactured by Coulomb Technologies, charge two vehicles per station. One port provides 110 volts and takes 8 hours to charge the typical electric vehicle and the other port provides 220 volts and takes 4 hours to charge. There are a total of 16 stations on campus in 7 locations. All locations are in visitor lots and are therefore open to the public.

Charging is free but vehicles parked in EV charging spaces must either be registered through DOTS or must pay the meter associated with that space. We recognize and appreciate all efforts to help make the University carbon neutral. All originally equipped plug in vehicles will qualify for the Green Permit and receive a 20% reduction in their parking fee.

How to Charge Your Vehicle

Charging your car is free. So is parking while you are at the charging station.

There are three ways to access the charging stations:

  1. 1. With an RFD enabled credit card
  2. 2. By Phone at 1-888-758-4389
  3. 3. With a ChargePoint ChargePass

A limited number of ChargePoint ChargePasses are available free of charge at the DOTS office. Once you receive your card and instruction booklet, you may use one of our internet kiosks to register your card online with a credit card.

Whether you get your card from us, or order it from Chargepoint, you will not be charged for the use of charging stations on our campus.

The ChargePoint Network

Our charging stations were manufactured by Coulomb Technologies and they are part of the Chargepoint Network.

Detailed information about availability and locations of our station and others can be found at the Chargepoint website: