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The Department of Transportation Services caters to the parking needs of the University of Maryland community.

Programs and Services are also available to make your Green Commute more convenient.

Faculty and Staff are eligible to apply for parking in lots that begin with a capital letter. You will be assigned parking according to the policies and procedures of your department. Please contact your Department Transportation Coordinator to determine your lot assignment.

Students are eligible to apply for parking in lots that begin with a number. Many lots are within a short walking distance of classroom buildings. Most have Shuttle-UM stops for those who would rather not walk.

Motorcycles and scooters require registration. Helmets and protective eye gear are required.

Visitor Parking is available in 4 parking garages and several surface lots. Most visitors use our Digital Pay Stations to park, which accept cash or credit.

Special accomodations have been made for visitors to the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. Please also take special note of our Athletic Parking arrangements. Click here for visitor parking guidelines for those with disabilities.

Electric vehicle charging stations are available in seven locations. Parking in these spaces is free for electric vehicles while they are charging.