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Registration of Motorized Cycles

Motorcycles and scooters must be registered with DOTS to be parked on campus.
Registration is available only by walk-in at the DOTS Regents Drive Garage office.

All scooter riders must wear a helmet and eye protection,
title their scooter with the MVA and have PIP insurance.


Academic Term Scooter Motorcycle (commuter) Motorcycle (overnight) Expiration Date
Annual $157 $157 $303 8/23/2019
Fall Only $95 $95 $183 1/18/2019
Spring Only $79 $79 $152 8/23/2019
Summer Only $79 $79 $152 8/23/2019

If you also park a car, other fees may apply.
Motorcycle Only Motorcycle Fee
Motorcycle and Car Car Registration Fee Only
Scooter Only Scooter Fee
Scooter and Car Scooter Fee + Car Registration Fee
Motorcycle and Scooter Motorcycle Fee + Scooter Fee

Motorcyles Scooters and Mopeds
Must be registered with campus license plate registration (CLPR). Must display a valid University issued license plate on the back of the scooter.
Registration is walk-in only.
Registration is walk-in only.
License Plates may be picked up in our Regent's Office
M - F 8:15 am to 4:00 pm.


  • Unregistered scooters that are parked on campus will be immobilized or towed.
  • You must park your motor scooter in designated motorcycle or motor scooter parking areas. You may not park anywhere else and are specifically banned from bicycle racks. Parking your motor scooter anywhere else could cause your motor scooter to be ticketed or towed.

Scooters are subject to all other state traffic laws and the police department issues traffic tickets for violations. These do go on your driving record, complete with "points," and they do have fines. Some serious violations require an appearance in court and may get you arrested and include possible time in jail.

Motorized Cycle

According to Maryland State Law, motorized cycles are defined as below:


motorcycle image
  • Is self-propelled by a motor with a rating of more than 1.5 brake horsepower and a capacity of at least 49 cubic centimeters piston displacement
  • Has a singular front steering road wheel mounted in a fork assembly that passes through a frame steering bearing and to which is attached a handlebar or other directly operated steering device
  • Except for a windshield or windscreen, does not have any enclosure or provision for an enclosure for the driver or any passenger
  • Has a seat that is straddled by the driver


moped image
  • Is designed to be operated by human power with the assistance of a motor
  • Is equipped with pedals that mechanically drive the rear wheel or wheels
  • Has two or three wheels, of which one is more than 14 inches in diameter; has a motor with a rating of 1.5 brake horsepower or less and, if the motor is an internal combustion engine, a capacity of 50 cubic centimeters piston displacement or less

Motor Scooter:

scooter image
  • Has a seat for the operator
  • Has two wheels, of which one is 10 inches or more in diameter
  • Has a step-through chassis
  • Has a motor with a rating of 2.7 brake horsepower or less or if the motor is an internal combustion engine, with a capacity of 50 cubic centimeters piston displacement or less
  • Equipped with an automatic transmission

Note: “Motor scooter” does not include a vehicle that has been manufactured for off-road use, including a motorcycle and an all-terrain vehicle.

Maryland state law classifies motorized scooters and mopeds as vehicles. Most traffic laws, including, but not limited to, obeying speed limits, lane use, turn signals, etc. apply to mopeds and scooters.

Parking & Storage

Parking is available all over campus. Some of the areas are striped and some are not. Some of the areas have locking bars. If your preferred parking area is full, it is your responsibility to park in an alternate motorcycle parking area. All of the legal parking areas have a DOTS Motorcycle parking sign posted. For a motorized cycle parking map, click here.

No motorcycles or motorized cycles shall be parked, stored or left in the following areas:

Motorcycle sign
  • In an area where signs are posted indicating that motorized cycle parking is prohibited
  • In such a manner as to block or otherwise impede normal entrance to or exit from any building on the university
  • On any building access or egress
  • So as to block or impede the normal flow of traffic on any highway, roadway, street, alley, sidewalk, mall, patio, or parking area or bicycle path on the university
  • On any landscaped area
  • So as to interfere with or impede the normal movement of disabled persons, pedestrians or bicyclists upon ramps, stairways or curb cuts
  • Chained or otherwise locked, or attached to any handrail, tree, bush, door, signpost, lamp, telephone pole, lamppost, fence, or other object not maintained or designated for the purpose of securing motorized cycles such as a bike rack
  • In any lobby, hallway or room of any building
  • At any approved motorized cycle parking area between the end of spring semester and the beginning of fall semester, unless the owner is on campus and still riding the vehicle. Long-term storage space can be purchased through the DOTS office


To release a booted or immobilized scooter, you need to:

  • Show your State Issued ID or Student ID
  • Pay the boot or impound fee plus any storage fees
  • Register your scooter, if applicable

Unclaimed motorized cylces shall be held for a minimum of 30 days, at which time the owners shall be presumed to have relinquished their legal title. Such motorized cycles shall be sold at public auction.

DOTS Immobilization Fee: $70
Police Impound Fee: $30
Daily Storage Fee (incurred after 2nd day of storage): $10

Blue light image

The UMD Department of Public Safety and DOTS are authorized to move, relocate, immobilize or impound any motorized cycle that:

  • Does not display a valid UMD DOTS Scooter License Plate
  • Blocks or otherwise impedes the normal movement of persons with disabilities and other pedestrians, and equipment upon entrance to or exit from any building on the University
  • Blocks or otherwise impedes traffic on any street, highway, roadway, path, sidewalk, mall or patio
  • Is parked in violation of any of the sections of these regulations
  • Appears to be abandoned as evidenced by signs of disuse or neglect
  • Has been reported as stolen to any law enforcement agency