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UMD Smart Commute: Rideshare

There are many great benefits to carpooling and vanpooling, many of which people do not know or even think about. With these benefits in mind, it will be easier than ever to see why making the switch, even for just a few days a week, can be a good idea for you and your commute.

Ridesharing Helps Save Money

When you share your commute, you’ll save money on gas and parking fees. Ridesharing also helps you save on the cost of vehicle repairs and maintenance. Joining a carpool or vanpool is a great way to cut down on your annual mileage, especially if your commute is on the long side. Many insurance companies reward drivers for not driving so much through low-mileage discounts or lower rates.

Ridesharing Helps the Environment

Ridesharing cuts down on the number of vehicles on the road and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Make New Friends

Ridesharing is a great way to meet new people, get to know the people you work with and make new friends!

Join a Carpool

You can easily find a UMD colleague to carpool with by creating an account with UMD Smart Commute.

Registered carpools are eligible to park in preferred locations in all six parking garages on campus. Carpoolers may also park in all of the lots that are assigned to each member. For example, if one rider is assigned to lot 1 and the other is assigned to lot 5, you may park in either lot.

  • Carpoolers are eligible to participate in the Guaranteed Ride Home Program.
  • If the carpool dissolves, you will still have your original parking lot assignment.

To receive the carpool parking registration 50% discount:

  • Make an appointment with DOTS for all carpool members. To schedule an appointment, call 301-314-PARK.
  • All carpool members must be at the appointment.
  • If carpool members have a physical permit, they must bring it to the appointment. Licence plate registrations will be looked up.
  • Complete the Carpool Permit Application Form.

Let us Help you get into a Vanpool

The Department of Transportation Services has partnered with Enterprise Rideshare to provide vanpool options for UMD faculty and staff. Vanpooling cuts commuting costs by 50-75 percent. Say goodbye to added fuel, maintenance, insurance costs and vehicle depreciation associated with your daily commute. Vanpooling will save you money on these common commuting costs. Based on the average commute of 50 miles round trip per day, driving alone will cost nearly $800 per month and almost $10,000 per year.

Add your commute to UMD Smart Commute to see if you match up with any existing vanpools. Or email for more information about the vanpool program.